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As compare to radiowaves or microwaves, rate of sending information with light beams is
Light of wavelength 630 nm in vacuum, falling normally on a biological specimen of thickness 10 m, splits into two beams that are polarized at right angles. The refractive index of the tissue for t
A T-beam roof section has the following particulars :Thickness of slab 100 mmWidth of rib 300 mmDepth of beam 500 mmCentre to centre distance of beams 3.0 mEffective span of beams 6.0 mDistance betwee
If depth of slab is 10 cm, width of web 30 cm, depth of web 50 cm, centre to centre distance of beams 3 m, effective span of beams 6 m, the effective flange width of the beam, is
Two beams, one of circular cross-section and the other of square cross-section, have equal areas of cross-sections. When these beams are subjected to bending,
Cross sections of two beams A (600mm x 200mm) and B (800mm x 60mm) are shown in the given figure. Both the beams have the same material. By how many times is the beam A stronger than the beam B in res
While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to compare the disk in drive A with the disk in drive B, specifying to compare only first side of each disk, and only the first 8 sectors of each track
If speed of radiowave is 4×108ms-1, where 1M = 106. wavelength of radiowaves transmitted at 80Mhz will be
It carries a radio transmitter and receiver inside it, and sends and receives message in form of radiowaves

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