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China, Japan and South Korea are countries in region
(A)  The destiny of Asia will be shaped by the triangular relationship between the Asian nations, India, China and Japan.(B)  India, China and Japan which have registered a phenomenal growth, over t
_______’s atomic energy board was recently admitted as the new member of MDEP. MDEP is multinational design evaluation programme. It was launched by French and American nuclear regulatory authoritie
On 23rd october, 2013 when Prime Minister Manmohan singh was visiting china, prime Ministere of two other countries also began theirvisit to china; these two countries are ;
China held one of its largest- ever air force drill involving multi-types fighter planes, amid heightened tensions with Japan over territorial dispute in the East China Sea. How many fighter planes we
In p-n-p transistor the current IE has two components viz. IEP due to injection of holes from p-region to n-region and IE due to injection of electrons from n-region to p-region. Then
Which is the first indian channel to be launched in China? China’s state administration for radio,film and tv (SARFT) gave its approval after six years. Angela Lin is the head of this channel in Chi

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