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Air and Water Pollution

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Sediments in water blocks the
When fine-grained sediments at bottom of shallow water are exposed to air, they dry out to form structures known as
Specific area where sediments, minerals and water are drained into common outlet is classified as
While transportation sediments are sorted according to their
Sediments are particles of
With passage of time transported sediments become
Sediments are transported and deposited by help of
In water jet machining, the water jet is issued through a 0.3 mm diameter orifice at a pressure of 400 MPa. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3. The coefficient of discharge is 1.0. Neglecting all loss
Rajesh has a container which has a mixture of wine and water in it. Wine and water are in the ratio 4:1. Rajesh spills some of the mixture by accident. He then replaces the spilled amount with water o
A mixture of 70 liters of wine and water contains 10% water. How much water must be added to make water 12 ½% of the total mixture
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