Strands of DNA are held together by

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One hypothesis of DNA replication suggested that the parental DNA molecules are broken into fragments. Both strands of DNA in each of the daughter molecules are made up of an assortment of parental an
Different DNA polymerases play distinct roles in DNA replication and repair in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. All known DNA polymerases synthesize DNA only in the __________ by the addition of
Considering structure of DNA, strands are held together by
Strands of DNA are held together by
The enzyme responsible for breaking the hydrogen bonds, and thus separating the DNA strands during DNA synthesis is
Due to which of the following DNA repair mechanisms, one is able to distinguish newly synthesized DNA strands from older one
Number of times the two DNA strands are interwined in circular DNA and is known as
In DNA double helix, the two DNA chains are held together by
XYZ Co, is having 15% share capital held by X Company and 50% held by Central Government and 10% held by State Government and 25% held by other people then that company will be
DNA consist of strands of

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