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Sound travels at a speed of 343m/s in
A person travels 12 km in the southward direction and then travels 5km to the right and then travels 15km toward the right and finally travels 5km towards the east, how far is he from his starting pla
Ashwin fires two bullets from the same place at an interval of 15 minutes but Rahul sitting in a bus approaching the place hears the second sound 14 minutes 30 seconds after the first. If sound travel
A train travels at an average of 50 miles per hour for 2x1/2 hours and then travels at a speed of 70 miles per hour for 1x1/2 hours. How far did the train travels in the entire 4 hours
A bus travels at a speed of 50 km per hour to go from its origin to its destination at a distance of 300 km and travels at a speed of 60 km per hour to return to the origin. What is the average speed
Sound travels with a different speed in media. In what order does the velocity of sound increase in these media

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