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Wavelength of high frequency sound wave is
Humans can hear sound up to highest frequency of 20,000 Hz. If wavelength of sound in air at this frequency at temperature of 20° would be
A sinusoidal carrier wave of frequency of 15 MHz is modulated by audio signal of frequency of 5 KHz, then upper frequency component of the resultant modulated wave is
A wave moves on a slinky with frequency of 5 Hz and wavelength of 0.6 m. speed of wave is
A sound wave has a frequency of 3 kHz and wavelength 20 cm. How much will it take to travel 2 km
Time a sound wave having frequency 2 KHz and wavelength 35 cm requires to cover distance of 1.5 Km is
If speed of sound wave is 340ms-1 and wavelength is 0.5m then frequency is
If speed of sound in air is 330 ms-1 and wavelength is 10 cm. frequency of sound should be
For a FM wave the carrier is 160 MHz, modulating frequency is 15 kHz and frequency deviation of 1 MHz if modulating frequency is doubled, the band width will be
Velocity of wave with frequency 4Hz and wavelength 0.4m is
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