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A 300 Hz sound wave of intensity 20 dB is transmitted by a 1500 kHz radio wave by frequency modulation. It is seen that instantaneous frequency varies between 1500.2 kHz and 1499.8 kHz, 300 times a se
Humans can hear sound up to highest frequency of 20,000 Hz. If wavelength of sound in air at this frequency at temperature of 20° would be
Wavelength of high frequency sound wave is
A source emits sound of frequency 600 Hz inside water. The frequency heard in air will be equal to (velocity of sound in water = 1500 m/s, velocity of sound in\nair = 300 m/s)
If speed of sound in air is 330 ms-1 and wavelength is 10 cm. frequency of sound should be
The wavelength of sound in air is 10 cm. its frequency is, (Given velocity of sound = 330 m/s)
A 200 Hz sound wave is to be transmitted by a 1000 kHz radio wave using frequency modulation. The instantaneous frequency variation will be
A sound wave has a frequency of 3 kHz and wavelength 20 cm. How much will it take to travel 2 km
Time a sound wave having frequency 2 KHz and wavelength 35 cm requires to cover distance of 1.5 Km is
If speed of sound wave is 340ms-1 and wavelength is 0.5m then frequency is

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