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Consider the following statements:To draw a.c. equivalent circuit of a transistors, all d.c. sources are shorteda.c. sources are shortedd.c. sources are openeda.c. sources are connected to d.c. source
There are sources of light which run on electricity they include
Assertion (A): Ideal current sources and ideal voltage sources do not exist in reality.Reason (R): All sources have finite internal impedances
An ac network has two sources of the same frequency. The currents in one branch when the sources act independently are 10 ∠30° A and 10 ∠60° A. When both sources act, the current in the branch s
A race course is 400 m long. A and B run a race and A wins by 5m. B and C run over the same course and B win by 4m. C and D run over it and D wins by 16m. If A and D run over it, then who would win an

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