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He said, "I saw them on their bicycle beside traffic sign in a happy mood. I called them but they did not stop."
Fact 1: Mary said, “Ann and I both have cats.”Fact 2: Ann said, “I don’t have a cat.”Fact 3: Mary always tells the truth, but Ann sometimes lies.If the first three statements are facts, whic
Stranger said, "Can you tell me way to hotel?" "Yes", said boy. "Do you need a room?" "No, I do not need." replied stranger
A teacher said to student, "Didn't you listen what I said? You must be careful during lecture"
Mother said to me, "Can you solve this question? "Yes, mom" Said I
"Did you know about Mr. Ahmed", I said. "No, I did not know about him", She said
The 'quinquennium Neronis', probably the first 5 years of Nero's reign, was said to have been a golden age. Who apparently said thi
How is the girl in the photograph related to Kunal? Statements Pointing to the photograph, Kunal said, "She is the mother of my father's only granddaughter". Kunal has no siblings. Pointing to th

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