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Statement: The taste of food contributes to the intake of nourishment which is essential for the survival of human beings. Assumptions Human beings take food for the enjoyment of its taste. Human
An open organ pipe has a fundamental frequency of 300 Hz. The first overtone of this organ pipe is the same as the first overtone of a closed organ pipe. The length of the closed organ pipe is
Weeds not only use nutrients from the soil but are alsoIIIII. harmful for some organisms including human beings II. useful for the crops and harmful for human beings III. harmful to the crops and some
An example of organ in human beings is
The theory which advocates that living beings can arise only from other living beings is termed as
With the increase in human activities, there has been _____ use of natural resources thereby causing disharmony between human beings and the natural environment.(A) planned(B) reckless(C) excessive(D)
West Nile virus can cause a disease in human beings that may be transmitted from an infected bird to a person by a mosquito. This is an example of
When an organ is transplanted from one person to another, there is a possibility that it could be rejected.This is because the cells of the individual receiving the organ react against foreign
A closed organ pipe and an open organ pipe have their first overtones identical in frequency. Their lengths are in the ratio of

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