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Plant cells in which chloroplast isn't present are known as
This town isn’t very well known (a) / and there isn’t much to see (b) / so a few tourists come here (c) / No error (d)
Hari Ram’s present age is three times his son’s present age and two fifth of his father’s present age. The average of the present age of all of them is 46 years. What is the difference between H
A generating st ation has a maximum, demand of 20 mW, load factor of 60%, a plant capacity factor of 50% and a plant Use factor of 72%. What is the reserve capacity of the plant, if the plant, while r
In nature, Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated infection of plant cells leads to P. crown gall disease in plants Q. hairy root disease in plants R. transfer of T-DNA into the plant chromosome S. tr
Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion (a) and Reason (r).Assertion: Immobilization of plant cells can enhance secondary metabolite production during bioreactor cultivation.
Plant cells can usually be distinguished because only plant cells possess

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