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An organism which carry out fermentation is
Match the following: List I List II A.Serial Binary adder1.(2n - 1)tpdB.Ripple carry adder2.(n - 1)tpdC.Carry look ahead binary adder3.Operation time independent of size 4.6tpd for 4 bit carry look ah
Assertion (A): The carry look ahead adder is very fast Reason (R): The carry look ahead adder generates the carry and sum digits directly
Statement:"Our bank provides all your banking requirements at one location." - An advertisement of a bank.Assumptions:I. Customers prefer to carry out all banking transactions at one place.II. People
A eukaryotic cell that can carry out only fermentation instead of the complete aerobic respiration of glucose
Organism which carry out both aerobic and anaerobic respiration is
When the fermentation of fructose results in the bitter product mannitol, the fermentation is sometime termed as-
Which of the following organism is not used in any of the traditional industrial fermentation
Which of the following organism is used for the fermentation of grapes

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