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Which of following is correct representation for "active mass"
When performing numerical calculations in floating point arithmetic Error may occur due to finite representation of numbers.Error may occur due to rounding.Error may occur due to finite representation
"The rate at which a substance reacts is proportional to its active mass and the rate of a chemical reaction is proportional to the product of active masses of the reacting substances". This is the
1’s complement representation of decimal number of -17 by using 8 bit representation is
The Parseval’s theorem states that the energy in the time-domain representation of a signal is equal to the energy in the frequency domain representation normalized by
In 2's complement representation, a certain negative number - N is 1011. The representation for + N is
2's complement representation of a 16 bit number (one sign bit and 15 magnitude bit) is FFFF. Its magnitude in decimal representation is

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