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Zacharias developed first
India successfully test fired indigenously developed air-to-air interceptor missile with an 80 km range from Chandipur in Orissa first on 20 May and then again on 21 May 2011. The missile is one of th
A 4-cylinder, 4-stroke compression ignition engine has piston stroke of 10.5 cm and cylinder bore of 11 cm. At a mean piston speed of 7 m s-1, the developed brake mean effective pressure is 650 kPa. T
Developed countries increasingly rely upon other developed countries for their sources of agricultural imports and industrial raw materials instead of relying upon developing countries
The flow of primary commodities from the developing world to the developed world and the flow of manufactured goods from the developed world remained constant during the 20th century
British scientists claimed that they developed in the first week of December 2012, the first toothbrush of the world called Emmident toothbrush which makes use of the _________ for cleaning teeth. Fil

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