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Nearest shell to a nucleus is called
In a shell and tube heat exchanger, putting a longitudinal baffle across the shell, forces the shell side fluid to pass __________ through the heat exchanger
In case of a shell and tube heat exchanger, the minimum shell thickness for carbon steel (inclusive of corrosion allowance) depends on shell diameter and is in the range of __________ mm
Steam is to be condensed in a shell and tube heat exchanger, 5 m long with a shell diameter of 1 m. Cooling water is to be used for removing the heat. Heat transfer co-efficient for the cooling water,
The total energy of an ionic solid is given by an expression E = - α e2/4πϵ0r + B/r9 where α is Madelung constant, r is the distance between the nearest neighbours in the crystal and B is a consta
Researchers working on the accurate calculation of the distance of Milky Way to the nearest galaxy found the exact distance to our nearest galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). What is the exact dista
The fusion of the male reproductive nucleus and the female reproductive nucleus is called
Average distance between nucleus and outer shell is called

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