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Time in cell cycle when metabolic activity of cell is high is classified as
Some of the nutrient cycles are labelled as below: Sulphur cycle (a), Phosphorus cycle (b), Carbon cycle (c) and Nitrogen cycle (d) Of these, the sedimentary cycle is represented by
A 280 days old radioactive substance shows an activity of 6000 dps, 140 days later it’s activity becomes 3000dps. What was its initial activity
Major part of metabolism which regulates metabolic pathways is classified as
Which of the following are the main causes of slow rate of growth of per capita income in India?I. High capital - output ratio2. High rate of growth of population3. High rate of capital formation4. Hi
System of cells in which substances that are needed for metabolic activities are passed through cell membrane is called
Kiran travels from A to B by car and returns from B to A by cycle in 7 hours. If he travels both ways by car he saves 3 hours. What is the time taken to cover both ways by cycle

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