'Aqueous' solution includes

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4 L of 0.2 M aqueous solution of KOH is mixed with 2 L of 0.5 M aqueous solution of KOH. The molarity of the resulting solution is
The aqueous solution of which of the following reagent will give prussian blue coloured precipitate with an aqueous solution containing iorn (III) ions
The ratio of elevation in boiling point of aqueous solution of sodium chloride to that of an aqueous solution of glucose of same molalities is approximately
A beaker contains 50 cc of an aqueous dye solution of concentration c (w/v). 25 cc of this solution is removed and replaced by 25 cc of distilled water. This process is repeated five more times. The f
An aqueous solution containing 6 g of urea in 500 ml of solution has a density equal to 1.052. If the molecular mass of urea is 60, then the molality of solution is
80 kg of Na2SO4 (molecular weight = 142) is present in 330 kg of an aqueous solution. The solution is cooled such that. 80 kg of Na2SO4 .10H2O crystals separate out. The weight fraction of Na2SO4 in t
A solution of metal ion when treated with KI gives a red precipitate which dissolves in excess KI to give a colourless solution. Moreover, the solution of metal ion on treatment with a solution of cob
A pharmacist mixed some 10%-saline solution with some 15%-saline solution to obtain 100 mL of a 12%-saline solution. How much of the 10%-saline solution did the pharmacist use in the mixture

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