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In absence of any external source no current passes through conductor due to electron's
"Any number of current sources in parallel may be replaced by a single current source whose current is the algebraic sum of individual source currents and source resistance is the parallel combination
A two conductor 1 - pi line operates at 50 Hz. The diameter of each conductor is 20mm and the spacing between conductor is 3m. When the conductor material is steel of relative permeability 50, the loo
In a two-source circuit, one source acting alone produces 12 mA through a given branch. The other source acting alone produces 10 mA in the opposite direction through the same branch. The actual curre
If q is charge on an electron, R is radius of electron orbit and ω is angular velocity of electron rotation, the magnetic dipole moment of electron in orbit is
"In any linear bilateral network, if a source of e.m.f. E in any branch produces a current I in any other branch, then same e.m.f. acting in the second branch would produce the same current / in the f
Statements No conductor is an insulator.Wood is insulator.Magnet is conductor.Some Copper is not wood.Conclusions:I. Copper is a conductor.II. Some copper is insulator.III. No magnet is wood.IV. Insul
A two conductor 1 - pi line operates at 50 Hz. The diameter of each conductor is 20 mm and the spacing between conductors is 3m. What is the inductance of each conductor per km

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