Pharmacology is study of drug composition properties and

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Pharmacology is study of drug composition properties and
Study of drug properties, composition and medical applications is called
Statement:Medicine 'x' is a drug which is causes ripples in the medical field.Assumptions:I. No other drug is causing ripples in the medical field.II. Medicine 'x' is a great drug
A pure drug is administered as a sphere and as a cube. The amount of drug is the same in the two tablets. Assuming that the shape and size do not influence the mass transfer, the ratio of rate of diss
Study of the composition and properties of matter is dealt by
Which drug company, on 4 June 2013 announced that got the final approval from US health regulator, US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) for generic testosterone cypionate injection
One mole feed of a binary mixture of a given composition is flash vaporised at a fixed P and T. If Raoult's law is obeyed, then changing the feed composition would effect
Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil, N2 = 80%. This flue gas composition indicates that
The equilibrium liquid composition compared to the vapor composition in case of azeotropic mixture is

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