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Consider the following pairs of complexes [CoF(NH3)5]2+ and [Cr(OH2)6]2+ [Co(NH3)5 (OH2)]3+ and [Cr(OH2)6]2+ [Co(NH3)6]3+ and [Cr(OH2)6]2+ [CoI(NH3)5]2+ and [Cr(OH2)6]2+ The electron transfer rat
Three moles of PCl5, three moles of PCI3 and two moles of Clz are taken in a closed vessel. If at equilibrium the vessel has 1.5 moles of PCl5, the number of moles of PCl3 present in it is
Number of atoms of hydrogen in 2 moles of NH3
On mixing 1 mole of ethyl alcohol with 1 mole of acetic acid at 298 K the equilibrium concentration of ester and water becomes 2/3 moles each. If 3 moles of alcohol is mixed with 1 mole of acid, the c
The hydrogen atoms are excited to the stationary state designated by the principal quantum number, n = 3. The spectral lines emitted by hydrogen atoms, as explained by Bohrs theory will be
The complexes [Co (NH3)6]\n[Cr (CN)6] and [Cr(NH3)6] [Co(CN)6]\nare the examples of which type of isomerism

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