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A science that examines material this universe contain and changes in them is called
In an examination 'X' four tests P, Q, R and S are given, which is the easiest one?I. Most of the examines attempted test 'Q' first. While 'P' was left incomplete by many.II. Test 'R' is found easier
Which of the following statements are correct A struct can contain properties A struct can contain constructors A struct can contain protected data members A struct cannot contain methods A struct can
Statement: This book is so prepared that even a layman can study science in the absence of a teacher. Assumptions: A layman wishes to study science without a teacher. A teacher may not always be
Sushil got thrice as many marks in English as in Science. His total marks in English, Science and Maths are 162. If the ratio of his marks in English and Maths is 3:5, find his marks in Science
Main street high school has 10 members on its football team and 14 members on its science club. 5 members at the school belong to both the football and science teams. How many students belong to only

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