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Which of following protects Earth's surface from being hit by most meteoroids
Layer which protects earth from being hit by meteoroids is
A body weighs 63 N on the surface of the Earth. At a height h above the surface of Earth, its weight is 28 N while at a depth h below the surface of Earth, the weight is 31.5 N. The value of h is
A satellite of mass m is revolving round the Earth at a height R above the surface of the Earth. If g is the gravitational intensity at the earth surface and R is the radius of the Earth, then the kin
The length of the seconds pendulum on the surface of Earth is 1 m. Its length on the surface of Moon, where g is 1 / 6 th the value of g on the surface of Earth, is
A planet has twice the density of Earth but the acceleration due to gravity on the surface is same as on the surface of Earth. Its radius in terms of the radius R of Earth is

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