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Ratio of apple trees to mango trees is 4 : 5 while that of mango trees to peach trees is 3 : 5. ratio of apple trees to mango trees to peach trees is
Plants which live in rainforests and climb on walls and trees are
In a field 30% are coconut trees, 40% of the rest are bananas trees, 42% of the rest are guava trees and still rest are mango trees. If the number of banana trees is 420, find the total number of tree
Statements:Orchids are plants.Bamboos are grasses.Grasses are not trees.Some plants are trees.Conclusions:I. Some Orchids are trees.II. No Bamboo is a tree.III. Some grasses are plants.IV. No grass is
Dwarf mistletoes are flowering plants that grow on certain forest trees. They obtain nutrients and water from the vascular tissues of the trees. The trees derive no known benefits from the dwarf mistl
A forest has as many sandal trees as it has Ashoka trees. Three-fourth of the trees are old ones and half of the trees are at the flowering stage
All the trees in the park are flowering trees.Some of the trees in the park are dogwoods.All dogwoods are flowering trees.If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
A gardener wants to plant trees in his garden in rows in such a way that the number of trees in each row to be the same. If there are 24 rows the number of trees in each row is 42 if there are 12 more

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