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If perpendiculars from two vertices of a triangle to opposite sides are congruent, then triangle must be
If two angles of a triangle are congruent, then sides opposite to them are
The number of triangles whose vertices are at the vertices of an octagon but none of whose sides happen to come from the sides of the octagon is
Three of the six vertices of a regular hexagon are chosen at random. The probability that the triangle with three chosen vertices ais an equilateral triangle, is
There is a regular octagon A B C D E F G, a Frog is at the vertex A. it can jump on to any of the vertices except  the exactly opposite vertex the frog visits all the vertices exactly once and then r
A rectangular paper when folded into two congruent parts had a perimeter of 34cm foer each part folded along one set of sides and the same is 38cm. When folded along the other set of sides. What is th
If two opposite sides of a quadrilateral are congruent and parallel, it is a

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