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Individuals which live together in a population are known as
A trend was observed in the growth of the population in Saya islands. The population tripled every month. Initially the population of the Saya Island was 100. What would be its population after 4 mont
If in 1997 the population of village D is increased by 10% and the population of village D is reduced by 5% from 1995 and the population of village D in 1995 was 9000, what is the total population of
If in 1998, the population of village Y and V increase by 10% each and the percentage of population below poverty line remains unchanged for all the villages, then find the population of village V bel
In a City, 35% of the population is composed of migrants, 20% of whom are from rural areas. Of the local population, 48% is female while this figure for rural and urban migrants is 30% and 40% respect
Population of a colony of mosquitoes is increasing by 20% per day. If the population on Monday was 3000, on which day of that week the population would be 5184
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