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Statements:Cloud is rain.No sugar is salt.Some salt is water.Rain is water.Conclusions:I. Some sugar is not water.II. Some cloud is salt.III. Some water is not sugar.IV. Some sugar is rain
Should there be a complete ban on import of sugar by India Arguments I. No. The production of sugar in India is not sufficient to meet the requirement II. No. This will keep the prices of sugar unde
In photosynthesis, sugar is made by using
Statements:All fans are wires.Some wires are made of copper.No copper is made of gold.Conclusions:I. No fan is made of copper.II. Some copper are gold.III. No copper is made of gold.IV. Some fans are
A shopkeeper mixes 80 kg sugar worth of Rs. 6.75 per kg with 120 kg of sugar worth of Rs. 8 per kg. He earns a profit of 20% by selling the mixture. He sells it at the rate
In a certain code language “Jo re ka” means “sweet nice sugar”, “la fi de” means “tasty sour lemon”, “fi ka tip” means “sugar and lemon” and “la re” means “nice tasty”.
Spot is bigger than King and smaller than Sugar.Ralph is smaller than Sugar and bigger than Spot.King is bigger than Ralph.If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
If cost of sugar increases by 25%. How much percent consumption of sugar should be decreased in order to keep expenditure fixed
A reduction of 20 % in the price of sugar enables a purchaser to obtain 3kg more for Rs. 120. The original price of sugar per kg is
Sugar dissolves in water is not equal to phrase sugar
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Plant Photosynthesis and Respiration

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