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Types of Nouns

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Let's go park, we will have fun and spend time with friends. (Which word is a common noun?)
What is the output for the following set of code static void Main(string[] args) {     int i = 10;     double d = 35.78;     fun(i);     fun(d);     Console.ReadLine(); } static void
Is there any difference between following declarations? 1 :extern int fun(); 2 :int fun();
What is the output of this program?#include using namespace std;void fun(int x, int y){x = 20;y = 10;}int main(){int x = 10;fun(x, x);cout << x;return 0;}
Amit has five friends, 3 girls and 2 boys. Amit’s wife also has 5 friends, 3 boys, and 2 girls. In how many maximum numbers of different ways can their invite 2 boys and 2 girls such that two of the
Alice's father is a surgeon, he mostly does not have time to spend with his family (Which word is a singular possessive noun?)
In a society, it is customary for friends of the same sex to hug and for friends of opposite sex to shake hands when they meet. A group of friends met in a party and there were 24 hand shakers. Which
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