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Fifteen people were arrested when hundreds of police officers raided dozens of homes.(Which word is a count noun?)
The police arrested everyone. Only the leader was not arrested by the police.(A) The police arrested everyone except .....(B) Besides the leader, the police .....(C) The police arrested all but the
The average salary per head of the entire staff of an office including the officers and clerks is Rs.90. The average salary of officers is Rs.600 and that of the clerks is Rs.84. If the number of offi
The police started firing. The mob dispersed immediately.(A) As soon as the police start .....(B) No sooner did the police start .....(C) Although the police started
Count rate of a GM count for the radiations of a radioactive material having half life of 30 minutes decrease to 5/sec in two hours. Then initial count rate of the material was

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