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Mid-Atlantic ridge is so tall that it actually rises above sea in many places forming
As sea floor widen out and get separated from mid-ocean ridge, it carries a record of
Statements:Ravi is tall.No tall person is fair.All fair persons are short.Conclusions:I. Ravi is fair.II. Ravi is short.III. Some short are not tall
Statements:All males are children.All children are females.No female is tall.Conclusion:I. All males are females.II. Some children are not tall.III. No male is tall
He can walk fast. He is tall.a) He is tall because -----------b) Because he is tall -----------c) Since he can -----------
What should be the genotype of a round seeded tall plant which when crossed with a plant of similar genotype produces the following percentage of phenotypes?  (tall round = 56.25 %, tall wrinkled

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