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An aircraft has a steady rate of climb of 300 m/s at sea level and 150 m/s at 2500 m altitude. The time taken (in sec) for this aircraft to climb from 500 m altitude to 3000 m altitude is ____
As we gain altitude density of air
A vessel contains oil (density 0.8 g/cc) over mercury (density 13.6 g/cc). A homogeneous sphere floats with half its volume immersed in mercury and the other half in oil. The density of the material o
The mixture of three gases X (density 0.09), Y (density 0.178) and Z (density 0.42) is enclosed in a closed vessel at constant temperature. When equilibrium is establisted, the
Statement:The State Government has abolished the scheme of providing concessional air ticket to students.Assumptions:I. Students will not travel by air in future.II. The students who resort to travel
The volume of an air bubble rises to three times as it ascends from the bottom of the lake to its surface. Assuming the atmospheric pressure to be 75 cm of Hg and density of water to be 1 / 10 th of t
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