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An aircraft has a steady rate of climb of 300 m/s at sea level and 150 m/s at 2500 m altitude. The time taken (in sec) for this aircraft to climb from 500 m altitude to 3000 m altitude is ____
As we gain altitude density of air
The density of the gases (present in air) decreases with increasing altitude to such an extent, that about 70% of the mass of atmospheric air is found in the lower 5 km. of the atmosphere. This lower
Assertion (A): If power gain doubles the power gain increases by 3 dBReason (R): The bel power gain of cascaded stages is equal to sum of each bel power gain
Match the following: List I (BJT amplifier) List II (Characteristics) A.CE1.good voltage gain, good current gainB.CC2.voltage gain less than 1, high current gainC.CB3.current gain less than 1, voltage
The density of air is 0.00130 g/ml. The vapour density of air will be

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