Every real number is

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Assertion (A): If Z1(s) and Z2(s) are positive real then Z1(s) + Z2(s) as well as 1/Z1(s) and 1/Z2(s) are positive real.Reason (R): The poles of a positive real function are real or occur in conjugate
If Z(s) is positive real, then where k has only positive real values is also positive real. This hypothesis was first given by
Assertion (A): The part of root locus on the real axis is not dependent on the poles and zeros which are not on the real axis.Reason (R): Poles and zeros which are not on the real axis occur in conjug
Let g(x) be a function such that g(x 1) g(x–1) = g(x) forevery real x. Then for what value of p is the relation g(x p) = g(x)necessarily true for every real x
The number of real roots of the equation [A2/x B2/x-1 = 1] where A and B are real numbers not equal to zero simultaneously is

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