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The average of four positive integers is 69. The highest integer is 93 and the least integer is 39. The difference between the remaining two integers is 28. Which of the following integers is the high
Numbers in form of p⁄q where p, q are integers and q is not zero are called
Set consist of positive integers, zero and negative integers is called
Three consecutive odd integers are in increasing order such that the sum of the last two integers is 13 more than the first integer. Find the three integers
Average of 10 numbers is zero. At most how many numbers may be greater than zero
What is the value returned by unction compareTo() if the invoking string is less than the string compared? a) zero b) value less than zero c) value greater than zero d) None of the mentioned
F zero line of vernier scale is on right side of zero of main scale, then zero error will be

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