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Statement:All patients with high blood pressure were found to be having some worry or the other.Conclusions:I. Mental tensions may affect blood pressure.II. If one has no mental tensions one may not s
In a roasting process, the set of conditions that favour sulphate formation from metal sulphide concentrates are P. high temperature Q. high partial pressure of oxygen R. use of excess air S. high
A rocket motor has a chamber pressure of 100 bar and chamber temperature of 3000 K. The ambient pressure is 1 bar. Assume that the specific heat at constant pressure is 1 kJ/kg-K. Also assume that the
A gas at pressure P is adiabatically compressed so that its density becomes twice that of initial value. Given that the ratio of specific heats at constant pressure and constant volume is 7/5. What wi
The vapour pressure of pure liquid A is 70 torr at 27 degreeCentigrade. It forms an ideal solution with another liquid B. The mole fraction of B is 0.2 and total pressure of the solution is 84 torr at

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