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Statement:All patients with high blood pressure were found to be having some worry or the other.Conclusions:I. Mental tensions may affect blood pressure.II. If one has no mental tensions one may not s
A certain road accident patient with unknown blood group needs immediate blood transfusion. His one doctor friend at once offers his blood. What was the blood group of the donor
The blood pressure values of four persons are given below:1. Mrs.X-90/602.Mr.X-160/1203. Mr. Y-120/804.Mrs.Y-140/l00Who among the following has normal blood pressure
The blood pressure is the pressure of blood in
Consider the following statements regarding blood pressure:1. It is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of any vessel.2. It decreases in the arteries as the distance from the heart increase
In a roasting process, the set of conditions that favour sulphate formation from metal sulphide concentrates are P. high temperature Q. high partial pressure of oxygen R. use of excess air S. high
When body tissues are injured resulting in the loss of blood, the process of blood clot begins and the blood platelets release
A married couple adopted a male child. A few years later, twin boys were born to them. The blood group of the couple is AB positive and O negative. The blood group of the three sons is A positive, B p
When red blood corpuscles containing both A and B antigens are mixed with your blood serum, they agglutinate. Hence your blood group is _______ type

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