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Coordination and Control

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Quick involuntary response which is produced by central nervous system is called
When involuntary response produced by CNS is very quick, it is called
A quick involuntary response is produced by CNS is
Statements:All carpenters are agile people.Some agile people are quick.No soft is quick.Conclusions:I. Some carpenters are soft.II. Some carpenters are quick.III. Some agile are not soft
Nervous System Which of the following is divided into parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system
Nervous system which consists of all nerves arisen from central nervous system is called
Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system is made up of
The central nervous system depressants that reduce nervous tension and promote relaxation without producing sleep are called
Which part of Nervous system controls involuntary actions
Considering autonomic nervous system, nervous system which prepares human body in dealing of emergency situations is called
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