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By expressing answer in form of 10n , answer of 106 x 10-3 ⁄10-5 is
By expressing ³√125x⁄(x + y) in index form, answer will be
106 * 106 - 94 * 94 =
106 x 106 - 94 x 94 =
A message signal x(t) is amplitude modulated with carrier c(t). x(t) = 2 sin 600pt c(t) = 8 cos (2p x 106 t) such that the modulated signal is (8 + 2 sin 600pt) [cos 2p x 106 t] The total side band po
A particle of mass 100 g tied to a string is rotated along a circle of radius 0.5 m. The breaking tension of string is 10N. The maximum speed with which particle can be rotated without breaking the st
A block rests on a rough inclined plane making an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction between he block and the plane is 0.8. If the frictional force on the block
Suppose n is an integer such that the sum of digits on n is 2, and 1010 < n < 10n . The number of different values of n is

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