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By coupling output of OR gate with NOT gate, we get
By coupling a NOT gate with output terminal of AND gate, we get
Four friends, A, B, C and D got the top four ranks in a competitive examination, but A did not get the first, B did not get the second, C did not get the third, and D did not get the fourth rank. Who
Assertion (A): When all inputs of a NAND-gate are shorted to get a one input, one output gate, it becomes an inverter.Reason (R): When all inputs of a NAND-gate are at logic 'O' level, the output is a
Assertion (A): Electric coupling, magnetic coupling and ground loop can cause unwanted high frequency oscillations.Reason (R): Hartley oscillator uses a tapped inductor
Assertion (A): Transformer coupling has the disadvantage of the weight of transformer and Saturation of coreReason (R): Transformer coupling is very suitable for impedance matching
What will be the output of the program #include int get(); int main() { const int x = get(); printf("%d", x); return 0; } int get() { return 20; }

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