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Dilute acids and alkalis react together to form
Dilute acids form hydrogen gas when they react with
Carbonates' react with dilute acids to produce
Flow rate measurement of hostile acids and alkalis can be most suitably done by a/an
Process in which acids (H+) and bases (OH-) react to form salts and water is called
A white crystalline salt A reacts with dilute HCI to liberate a suffocating gas B and also forms a yellow precipitate. The gas B turns potassium dichromate acidified with dilute H2SO4 to a green colou
12 g of Mg (at. Mass 24) react with dilute mineral acid to produce maximum hydrogen equal to
Equal volumes of the gases which do not react together are enclosed in separate vessels. This pressures of 100 mm, and 400 mm respectively. If the two vessels are joined together, then what will be th
A reaction in which an acid and alkali react together to form salt and water is called

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