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Considering triceps and bicep of arms, insertion end is pulled upward when
Considering triceps and bicep of arms, forearm is pulled downward when muscle of
Consider the following statements about a magic tee The collinear arms are isolated from each other.On of the collinear arms is isolated from E arm.On of the collinear arms is isolated from H arm.E an
A wire of length L and radius r is clamped rigidly at one end. When the other end of the wire is pulled by a force F, its length increases by l . Another wire of the same material of length 4 L and ra
Biceps and Triceps have their insertion at
Statements: America's defence secretary reiterated that they would continue to supply arms to Pakistan. Conclusions Pakistan is incapable of manufacturing arms. It would ensure peace in the regi
Why should a LED be pulled LOW from a logic gate rather than pulled HIGH
Deletion from one end and insertion from other end is
A cantilever beam of uniform EI has span equal to 'L'. An upward force W acts at the mid-point of the beam and a downward force P acts at the free end. In order that the deflection at the free end is
A cantilever carries is uniformly distributed load W over its whole length and a force W acts at its free end upward. The net deflection of the free end will be

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