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Hair contains keratin proteins which are also present in nails and wool is an example of
Sita is the only girl who has long hair in the class. No other girl in the class has long hair.(A) Except for Sita, no other girl .....(B) No other girl's hair is as .....(C) Apart from Sita
Consider the following assertion [a] and reason [r] and choose the most appropriate answer [a] Controlled reduction treatments are commercially used for shrink resist finishing of wool [r] Reduction
Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below: Number of bales of wool processed by 5 woolen mills.In the case of which mill is the processing of wool in March the highest
The wool-processing by Warm wear in April is what percent of its wool-processing in January
Hari Ram’s present age is three times his son’s present age and two fifth of his father’s present age. The average of the present age of all of them is 46 years. What is the difference between H
Alpha-keratin is a protein present in

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