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All viruses are permanent
The RNA sarcoma viruses, the most strongly transforming viruses may transform which of the following cells in a culture
Statements: All pencils are birds. All birds are skies. All skies are hills. Conclusions: All pencils are hills. All hills are birds All skies are pencils. All birds are hills
50 ml of samples of distilled water, ordinary tap water and boiled tap water requires 2 ml, 26 and 10 of soap solution respectively to form permanent lather. The ratio of permanent hardness to tempora
The orientation polarization is directly proportional to temperatureinversely proportional to temperatureinversely proportional to square of permanent dipole momentdirectly proportional to square of p
Statements: All mobiles are tablets All tablets are smartphones All smartphones are laptops All laptops are computers Conclusions: I. All computers being mobiles is a possibility II. All tablet
Statements:All dogs are cats.All cats are mice.All mice are pigs.Conclusions:I. All dogs are mice.II. Some mice are dogs.III. All pigs are cats
Statements: All branches are flowers. All flowers are leaves. Conclusions: All branches are leaves. All leaves are branches. All flowers are branches. Some leaves are branches

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