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Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

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Velocity of simple harmonic motion at mean position is always
Velocity of simple harmonic motion at extreme position is always
To and fro oscillatory motion in which acceleration of body is directly proportional to displacement of body from mean position and is always directed towards mean position is known as
Maximum displacement from mean position of a body performing simple harmonic mean is called
A body executing simple harmonic motion always vibrates about a
The maximum velocity of a particle, executing simple harmonic motion with an amplitude 7 mm, is 4.4 m/s. the period of oscillation is
If the first two terms of harmonic progression be 1/2, 1/4, then the harmonic mean of first four numbers is
In a simple harmonic oscillator, at the mean position
The length of a simple pendulum executing simple harmonic motion is increased by 21%. The percentage increase in the time period of the pendulum of increased length is
A force that is always pushed or pulls object performing oscillatory motion towards mean position is called
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