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Consider the following Statements regarding resistance strain gauge The gauge factor is in the range of 2 to 5.The resistance changes due to change in specific resistance with strain.The resistance in
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ?1. Alpha iron....non magnetic2. Beta iron....strongly magnetic3. Gamma iron....non-magnetic and capable of dissolving carbon.4. Delta iron....non-ma
In a moving iron voltmeter the coil has a resistance of 20 Ω and an inductance of 0.3 H. The swamping resistance in 2000 Ω. To ensure correct reading with dc as well as 50 Hz ac, the value of capaci
A resistance of 10 ohm is connected across a supply of 200V. If resistance R is now connected in parallel with a 10 ohm resistance, the current drawn from the supply gets doubled. The value of unknown
A high resistance was measured by loss of charge method. The voltmeter resistance was 1010 ohms. The calculation gave the value of unknown resistance as 0.8 x 109 ohms. The true value of resistance is

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