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How much current flows through a body if it touch terminals of a 12 V battery at 100,000 Ω resistance
Battery X lasts longer than Battery Y.Battery Y doesn’t last as long as Battery Z.Battery Z lasts longer than Battery X.If the first two statements are true, the third statement is
A resistor having resistance 6.2Ω is connected across a battery of 5 V by means of a wire of negotiable resistance. Current passes through resistor is 0.4 A. total power produced by battery is
In a closed circuit the e.m.f. and internal resistance of a battery are E and R respectively. If an external resistance R is connected to the battery, the current flowing through the circuit shall be
Krishna  Ltd.  Issued  1,50,000  shares  of  Rs.100 a Rs.9,000 b Rs.18,000 c Rs.21,000 d Rs.27,000 Rs.18,000
5,000  12%  redeemable  preference  shares  of Rs.100   a 4,000 b 6,000 c 5,000 d 7,000 5,000 See Answer Next Question Skip Share this Question View on App Suggest Correction × Suggest correcti

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