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Most familiar star in universe is
The mass of the star X is 100 times greater than mass of star Y. The mass of star Y is nearly equal to Sun .Which of the two star will end as supernova
A star is observed at its western elongation. If the latitude of place of observation is θ, the declination of star is δ, altitude of star at elongation is α, then the hour angle of star is given b
If you have the option of buying a refrigerator with 1 star, 3 star, 5 star rating given by BEE then which one you will prefer
A star is observed at its upper culmination when it is north of zenith. The latitude of the place of observation is 30°N and declination of the star is 50°N. The zenith distance of the star is
Pollution control system through Economic Incentives(i) Places decision making for pollution control in the hands of those most familiar with pollution control options - polluters.(ii) Keeps cost high
The most familiar form of Bernoulli's equation, is
Biggest star found in universe is
When last star would shine and die, universe will turn

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