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The length of a simple pendulum executing simple harmonic motion is increased by 21%. The percentage increase in the time period of the pendulum of increased length is
If length of simple pendulum is doubled then its time period will be
If gm = ge⁄6, time period of a simple pendulum is 2s and ge = 10ms-2. length of pendulum on moon will be
A wire whose length L and area of crossection A has R resistance. If the length of a wire is doubled, and its cross section is also doubled, then what will be its resistance
If the mass of bob of simple pendulum is increased by 50%, the time period of the pendulum
A simple pendulum is made of a bob which is a hollow sphere full of mercury suspended by means of a wire. If a little mercury is drained off, the period of the pendulum will
The time period of a simple pendulum having a spherical wooden bob is 2sec. If the bob is replaced by a metalic one twice as heavy, the time period will be

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