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A pair of elements in which elements are written in specific order is called
Shopkeeper paid $80 each for two pair of shoes. He sell first pair of shoes making profit of 35% of cost price. He sell second pair of shoes at loss of 18% of cost price. selling price of each pair of
If the last four letters of the word 'CONCENTRATION' are written in reverse order followed by next two in the reverse order and next three in the reverse order and then followed by the first four in t
In a certain coded language, 'hit ka tom' is written as 'tie the shoes', 'ka lo fod' is written as 'shoes of leather' and 'lo tin lot' is written as 'leather and raxin'. How is 'of' written in this co
In a certain code language, 'how can you go' is written as 'ja da ka pa', 'can you come here' is written as 'na ka sa ja' and 'cone and go' is written as 'ra pa sa'. How is 'here' written in that code
In a certain code language 'how many goals scored' is written as '5397'; 'many more matches' is written as '982'; and 'he scored five' is written as '163'. How is 'goals' written in that code language
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