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According to six-tenths-factor rule, if the cost of a given unit at one capacity is known, then the cost of similar unit with '' times the capacity of the first unit is approximately equal to ________
A reactor has a total volume of 50,000 litres. If it has a headspace volume of 10,000 litres, then volume of liquid in the reactor will be
A gas engine has a swept volume of 300 cm3 and clearance volume of 25 cm3. Its volumetric efficiency is 0.88 and mechanical efficiency is 0.90. The volume of the mixture taken in per stroke is
The general expression for the appearance of a solute in an effluent is (where V is the elution volume of a substance , V0 void volume, kD distribution constant and Vi internal water volume)
If the packing density (α) is defined as the volume of the fiber unit volume of filter bed, the velocity within the filter void space is equal to (where V is velocity in fluid void space and V0 is un

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