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A scale model of a house is 1cm to 3m, if model length is 12cm, actual length is
Five friends A, B, C, D and E are staying in the same locality. B's house is to the east of A's house and to the north of C's house. C's house is to the west of D's house. D's house is in which direct
Scale of building plan is 1cm to 50cm. Represented length of bedroom is 9.2cm, actual length is
Four persons A, B , C and D live in four houses which are Red, Green Blue and Yellow in colour. A doesn't live adjacent to the Yellow house. B lives in the Yellow house. The Yellow house is adjacent t
A Vernier calipers has 1 mm marks on the main scale. It has 20 equal divisions on the Vernier scale which match with 16 main scale divisions. For this Vernier calipers, the least count is
A scale of map is 1cm to 5km, distance b/w two towns 38km apart is

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